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My Gaming To-Do List (Blaugust Day 2)


Thanks to Izlain for the idea, not just because it’s Blaugust post fodder but having a list spelling out some definite goals is going to help keep my focus.

I am trying to keep (get?) a balance between working on my Steam backlog, retaining momentum in the “dipping sauce” games like Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and – gods help me – Magic: Origins, and chipping away at stuff in some MMOs. I only just found out that instead of the usual “buy, unlock cards, get blackmailed into buying DLC cards, discover that some simple, essential feature is missing, quit” shenanigans of previous M:tG offerings on Steam, this year they are going down the F2P path, modeled on the Hearthstone setup apparently. So that will be added to the mix.

Right, on with the show. Let’s goals!

The Goals

  • Stay on top of Hearthstone and HotS dailies
  • Investigate Magic: Origins and figure out a sensible goal for that
  • Play at least one ranked game of Heroes of the Storm per day: reach 20 wins
  • TSW: Finish up the Beseiged Farmlands zone
  • LOTRO: Pick up where I left off with my old Dwarf Guardian, Naels – finish adventuring through the Bree-lands
  • Borderlands: Reach level 30
  • Finish SBCG4AP’s Dangeresque 3
  • Solve the More Than Machine mission in SpaceChem (Hephaestus IV Defence)
  • Get some people together to try out multiplayer FORCED
  • Go through another campaign in Atom Zombie Smasher to refresh my memory before writing a Steam Challenge post about it

That should do to start with, eh? As always, suggestions and questions are welcome.

Moloko – The Time Is Now

13 thoughts on “My Gaming To-Do List (Blaugust Day 2)

  1. Your list sounds reasonable and an interesting mix. I played a little of Magic: the gathering in rl but struggled with communication issues. so, the online version might be worth a check now it is http://FTP.. i didnt realise they had went FTP hehe.

  2. Massive LIKE simply for knowing who Moloko are and linking to them (the rest of the post was pretty good too! πŸ˜‰ ).

  3. I wish I had the time to play Heroes of the Storm with you some. I usually keep up with my dailies every day or two, but I don’t usually have the time to play with others. Still, feel free to add me! (ctmurfy#1990)

  4. I’m glad to see some others jumping on board with this idea. It’s nice to see it working as a writing prompt but also a quest tracker of sorts.

  5. I’d do multiplayer FORCED if we could figure out timezones! My partners-in-crime got to the teen levels and ended up halting there.

    Preferably around the 7-10 August time period where I can reverse sleep schedules if needed.

    • Cool, I am keen on diving in at the 3 or 4 player end, rather than just me and my friend. We’re in Australia (GMT +10) so the timezone shouldn’t be too much of an issue, hopefully – although we tend to have to organise these things for late night (after 9pm our time) so we’ll see.

      I’ll find you on Steam once we figure things out.

  6. So I finally found your blog thanks to blaugust, despite seeing your comments on different blogs before!
    Fyi I did add you to my post from yesterday now – and gl with that todo list! πŸ˜€

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