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Let Me Clear My Throat (Blaugust Day 1)

Hello friends, and welcome to my first-ever Blaugust post. I wasn’t in the right headspace to participate last year, and to be honest I am not sure how I will cope with the challenge, but I am hoping that I can keep in mind the only strategy that is going to work if I am to get through this.

You see, although I have a decent number of “regular” posts to fall back on – the Secret Lore and Steam Challenge ones – I have always felt pressured to write something substantial in a post, no matter what the topic. I also feel the need to try to be deep, give a unique take on the topic, or otherwise pretend that I’m writing something (pseudo-?)academically. It basically boils down to “go big or don’t bother”. In the end I usually default to not bothering, which is why you rarely see big, in-depth posts here.

Trying to do that each and every day for Blaugust is obviously going to crush me, so my aim for this challenge is to be more comfortable slinging off less-involved posts that don’t take hours/days/weeks to construct and write. With luck I’ll be able to bounce off of other blogs’ ideas to keep the momentum going. For example, tomorrow I’ll be doing a gaming To-Do list, inspired by Izlain.

Wish me luck!

DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat