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Steam Challenge – Obulis

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This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

I knew I had to have this physics puzzler when I saw the trailer. It did not disappoint.

Over 150 levels of serene, mild-to-moderately challenging puzzles, Obulis is just fun to play. Only a small proportion of the levels require you to complete aerial timing tricks to knock marbles out of the sky in a specific direction, which is great because while they are fairly satisfying to complete, they become very annoying and frustrating if encountered often.

There are a nice range of mechanics to work with, all tied to certain “areas” – which are basically just the artistic themes of the levels. I found the variety very refreshing, and there was a good mix of puzzles which were easily solved (in theory, in practice you might still have to have a couple of goes to get the timing right), and ones which needed a lot of experimentation. And everything in between, of course.

My one and only criticism is that there is no volume control for the sound – it’s either on or off. I was about to go on a rant about it being one of my pet peeves, but it just occurred to me that perhaps these games that do this are all ports of mobile games, where the device provides the volume control. Still, it can’t be that difficult to implement a volume control when you are doing the PC port, right?

Anyway, totally recommend Obulis for some gentle puzzle-solving action.

Gomez – Fill My Cup

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