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The Secret Lore – Vampire Crusades

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After Egypt, you are sent to investigate happenings in Romania. Almost immediately, you are confronted with vampires. An army of vampires. How this has gone unnoticed by the larger world, I do not know. But it’s a strange mix, Soviet-era concrete ruins alongside ancient churches and vampires. Now this is what I signed up for when I decided to play a horror MMO…

Vampire Crusades

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT – initiate Transylvania signal – RECEIVE – initiate the Chiropteran Migratory frequency – FOR THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST – initiate the haematophagy protocol – WITNESS – The Vampire Crusades.

In Harbabureşti, dark days fade into black, endless nights. People huddle like medieval peasants, trying to ignore the yowling shrieks from outside, trying not to think about what moves just beyond the feeble reach of their lights. They mutter words like “strigoi” and “moroi” and “nosferatu” while clutching blood-caked rosaries.

An army of loathsome hungers. Siege engines looming at the forest’s edge. War has come.

Initiate the secret bedtime story.

Vlad III Dracula, whom some call “Impaler,” had a bride named Mara. They did not live happily ever after. The end.

The moral of a story changes depending on where you end it, sweetling. Did you know? Fairy tales become tragedies on the other side of happily ever.

Now the vampire queen of Transylvania leads an unorganised army of rapacious leeches to take back their ancestral lands. Her broodlings migrate from Europe and Asia Minor, summoned by the incestuous beat of their mother’s heart. Every day they wash over the valley in a necrotic tide.

A new phase in the undead hive-queen’s life cycle begins. Decades ago, she gave genetic vampire samples to KGB scientists – the eggs of a vile plan laid. The experiments. The operations. The Soviet soldiers brought in as test subjects. Evil sows and time reaps a generous harvest. The bio-engineered throwbacks stir in the bunkers of the Red Hand facility. Mara hears her lovelies and throws open the door.

Now she has an army to take back her homeland. The gore-crusted chaos it creates is a means to a vicious end. In the pandemonium, her own blood, her broodlings – powerful and loyal vampire generals – will see her designs fulfilled.

It was supposed to be easy.

The fiends outnumber the humans. They are as strong as hate, teeth sharp as sin, and the people should have fallen with the ease of tearing bleats from sheep. But the Romany returned, those who call themselves the Drăculești, and the secret worlders came, and what should have been slaughter, became war.

The battle rages on without end. We can read the vibrations. The vampires have time and stamina as allies. Heavily padded armour protects them from the sun. The living tire. It is all so inevitable. Mara stretches like a pregnant cat. She grins. After all, she can always make more children.

Knowledge given is a curse inflicted. Now you know what will happen, sweetling. What will you do about it?


One thought on “The Secret Lore – Vampire Crusades

  1. “How this has gone unnoticed by the larger world, I do not know. ”

    Oh, considering the area and history, it’s not that hard to imagine. I mean, rumours of vampires (as well as vampires, according to the game) existed in the area since ages. Then the Red Army set up bases there. Probably now there were new rumours of scientists at those bases and experiments being done, but how many did actually know what happened there? And how many considered those rumours to be just that?

    I consider it very believeable that those people who spoke about the Red Army cloning vampires in their bases were just laughed at and not been taken serious. A more challenging question would be how the Templar area in London could be unnoticed for such a long time?

    “Now this is what I signed up for when I decided to play a horror MMO…”

    Maybe. But in terms of “horror”, this one by itself seems rather tame. To this point the player has already experienced stuff which is much more grim, this evil at least sounds defeatable, unlike some other stuff the player encountered.

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