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Steam Challenge – Race The Sun

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This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

I found earlier in the year that there are certain games that I find quite relaxing, surprisingly so. Games like BIT.TRIP Runner, and PixelJunk Eden. Now we can add another to that list: Race The Sun.

This game is a shining example of putting gameplay over graphics. It would undoubtedly be better if it were prettier, but when you are playing, it doesn’t matter at all. The simple polygons of the pickups and terrain are more than sufficient to let you slip into the meditative bliss of pure speed. The music is perfect for the genre, and the sound effects are very well chosen – from the chimes of the pickups to the way the music fades out when you launch into the air.

There is no point to Race The Sun, except leaderboard status and personal bests. The world changes every day, so it never feels old, yet there are familiar terrain elements in each world so you can slide back into it easily. It has more replay value than the runner type games. It’s something you can keep on standby for when the mood strikes you, like Solitaire or Minesweeper. 

I like it. I’m glad I have it. I won’t feel like I’ve “finished” it until I reach max level to get all the upgrades and unlocks (I’m currently 17 of 25), but I’ll likely always have it around for those times I need a quick relief from thinking.

The Tea Party – Sun Going Down


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