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Steam Challenge – NightSky

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This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

This is how the ideal of indie development is exemplified: small developer; range of highly polished, engaging games in a variety of genres; steady output. Nifflas (who also brought us Knytt Underground and Saira) does this perfectly with NightSky, a side-scrolling physics puzzler.

I immediately fell in love with the aesthetic of the game. I am a creature of the night by nature, and my favourite shade of sky is that deep blue darkening through purple to black. The sound is absolutely perfect, too. The music is soft, soothing and unintrusive, and the sound effects are satisfyingly true to life (glass on stone, glass on wood, wood on wood, etc). So NightSky was already speaking to me on several levels even before the gameplay became a factor.

Extremely simple controls, but a tonne of mastery involved to solve some puzzles. There has been a nice range of puzzle types, too, although I have become stuck on a specific one which I dislike immensely. I know what I need to do, but it requires a precision that dwarfs everything I’ve encountered until now, and the controls are really not that precise.

Ultimately, NightSky is a physics puzzler that is more about walking tightropes than designing solutions or mind-bending perspective shifts. I love the game as a whole, though some specific puzzles annoy me greatly. I do highly recommend it for anyone who likes balancing on stuff.

All India Rado – Night


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