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Steam Challenge – Coin Crypt

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This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

Coin Crypt is a game I was ready to write off before I’d tried it – naturally it came in a bundle so I knew nothing about it. The graphics didn’t do much to attract me: slightly more appealing than retropixel, but not much. The trailer didn’t spark anything either. What DID get me to eventually try it? Three words. Deck. Building. Game.

I love deck building games, so a videogame adaptation seemed worth looking into. I was not disappointed. Coin Crypt is a pretty good rogue-lite that keeps you on your toes. I was expecting a turn-based combat system, but no it is cast-time-based action combat, which takes a fair bit of getting used to. The deck building part of it is the true challenge – all your coins are in your loot bag and you draw several at a time…but once you use one, it is spent. So not only are you trying to both stay alive and defeat your opponent, but you are trying to manage the different varieties and number of coins at your disposal. It’s an interesting system.

There is an objective, a final boss, but you keep metaprogressing after that. New explorers, new strategies, and two different paths (to different end bosses) makes Coin Crypt have a huge replay value.

My main problem with the game is the lack of documentation and explanation. None of the systems are explained to you, there is no tutorial, and there are points where you are told (usually after getting an achievement) that you have unlocked a coin – but you’ve already been using that coin, your starting coins don’t change, and there is no indication of how that unlock will affect your play. It took me a good dozen runs or so before I found out that you can interact with the ghosts that tell you to learn from their mistakes.

Coin Crypt seems like a solid mashup of rogue-like and deck building, so if those genres appeal to you, it’s worth checking out. Be prepared for a lot of confusion and trial-and-error, though, or a lot of research on how to play. 

Drapht – The Money


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