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Steam Challenge Miscellaneous Bits and Bobs

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This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

So along with the games that I have been documenting in this series, there have been a number of games I have passed over due to not getting into them, and have effectively finished with them. So, since I’ll be moving house next week and internet is not guaranteed to be available, I thought I’d do a bit of a summary now.


This Visual Novel is pretty much what I imagine is a “vanilla” dating sim. Not really all that interesting, but I stubbornly saw it through to the end to see what happened. No crazy premise like Hatoful Boyfriend, no cool gimmicks like Magical Diary, and no harrowing narrative like Analogue: A Hate Story. Bland and boring.


This horror game has a very dark graphic novel aesthetic, but I couldn’t make it past the intro without scrambling for the quit button. A stupid premise, really bad writing – both grammatically and stylistically (I am pretty sure the writers are not as fluent in English as they think) – and overly dramatic voicework just shut down any interest I might have had.


I liked the look of this one, but the tutorial was very unhelpful and frustrating and ultimately I didn’t think it was worth the effort to do research simply to play the game.

Hero Academy

I love these tactical turn-based PvP games, but unfortunately I had to give up because the game simply did not work for me. Every time I went to take my turn it wouldn’t show me what my opponent had done until after I’d submitted my moves, which made it all somewhat pointless. I would have liked to get into Hero Academy, but alas it was not to be.


I am led to believe that this was the original endless runner? Not very exciting, fiendishly difficult and no personality to it. Played long enough to get the trading cards.

Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip To Japan~

Another Visual Novel with hints of dating sim. This one actually made me angry. First, while it admittedly does have some interesting factoids, it is little more than a glorified tour of Tokyo and some Japanese customs. Second, the “romance” attempts were clumsy, out of place, and usually with more than a hint of creepiness. Third, the whole premise – that you have been studying Japanese and been chatting online with these friends (who you thought were guys but oh ho ho no they turned out to be gals) – is massively undercut by a) the protagonist’s lack of knowledge of some basic facts that anyone interested enough in the culture to learn the language would have discovered by now, and b) his total amazement at such facts (OMG! Convenience stores are open 24/7! What a strange culture!).

Just, no. Grrr.


This 3D adventure game hinges on the humourous antics of the main character, who is – to put it bluntly – a horrible git. Unfortunately it is only okay at this, and the puzzles are unusually obtuse, so I quickly became frustrated with it. Since I have a bajillion other adventure games still to play (seriously, at least 30 at last count), many of which I KNOW are better than this, I have shelved Ceville indefinitely.

Eh, I am sure there are a half-dozen more that I have forgotten about, but that gives an idea of the kind of thing I’ve been sorting through in the last few months.

331Erock – Rains of Castamere Meets Metal

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