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Steam Challenge – Finding Teddy

This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

It is becoming more and more apparent that I am, at least in one particular way, a graphics snob. I used to think that the only time I could enjoy the retro-pixel look was in some adventure games, harking back to old LucasArts titles. But I’m discovering that even then, more often than not I am finding it hard to appreciate and fully enjoy these games.

Finding Teddy is the latest example. At its heart it is an average point-and-click adventure, with little to no story in the first part of the game. The puzzles are either easy to solve or ludicrously obtuse, and I gave up halfway through the second act. I just wasn’t having fun with it.

I have no nostalgia for the retro look. I played some games of that era, and they were fun at the time, but I have no desire to go back when there is so much artistic potential out there with today’s technology. Indie games that use this style of graphics have to work that much harder in the gameplay and/or story department in order to win my acclaim. Not many have been able to do so. Terraria is the one that stands out in that regard.

I can’t recommend Finding Teddy. Even if you like the retro look, the game itself does nothing new or special to stand out. It isn’t a bad game, but there are plenty of better ones out there.

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