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Further Than I Thought (Blaugust Day whatever)


As you can no doubt guess, I’m done for Blaugust. I was going well, but a confluence of events has led to my demons becoming too strong for the moment and stress has made my arthritis flare up, so even regular typing is at best uncomfortable. It’s hard to care about a blogging challenge when so much other shit is taking up all your mental space.

I’m glad I made the Survivor membership, it gives me a tangible reminder that I made it the majority of the way. I wish I had more to offer, but that’s the story of my life. Thanks for reading. I’ll continue to post when I can, but it’ll probably just be the Secret Lore for a while.

Cheers to Belghast for organising this challenge, and to all who participated as either challengers or cheerleaders.


4 thoughts on “Further Than I Thought (Blaugust Day whatever)

  1. You participated and getting the survivor is a big feat! Don’t see this as a defeat, but as a huge win! You did awesome 🙂 Real life is more important then a blogging challenge, so you made the right call for your self! Now you can finally go back to a relaxing pace of blogging, which I am also looking forward to for myself 😛
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I love your lore posts and making it to the hallway mark is an accomplishment no matter what. You did awesome. 😀

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