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Organising the Steam Library (Blaugust Day 15)


Continuing the prompt train via Pam, I’ll devote this post to detailing how I organise my Steam library.

As seems to be common, I have a lot more games than I ever anticipated owning. Thanks to Steam sales and various bundles, there is a large measure of mindless collection involved, and I have had to divvy up my games list in order to avoid being overwhelmed every time I look at it. So here is my breakdown:


These are the games that I would prefer to play with others. Some of them, like Blood Bowl, Civ V and Terraria, I have played and will play solo, and some – Monaco and FORCED in particular – I can’t see myself playing solo at all.



There is some overlap with the above category here, but these are the games I can come back to over and over – you can see it is dominated by strategy titles. Roguelikes and sims also tend to fit in here.





Pretty straightforward category: games that I am finished with, either because I have beaten them and am not interested in replays, or I’ve played them enough to get my enjoyment (or steam trading cards) out of them and thus consider them done.


This is the latest category I created. Games that I have tried, and aren’t bad, but also aren’t engaging enough to stay on my to-do list. Also games that I would probably like to try but are not high enough on my priority list to remain in the Games category. Basically, my backup list for that magical time when I’ve played all my other games and am jonesing for something new (aka it’s never gonna happen (but it totally might!(keep dreaming, son(you never know!)))).




I was actually fairly surprised to find that I had enough games to warrant an MMOish category. Includes both actual MMOs, and the weird lobby-based games like MOBAs, shooters and such.

Needs Controller is self-explanatory. These games I have decided would be best enjoyed with a controller rather than mouse & keyboard. Mostly shmups and beat-’em-ups.


Puzzlers is also an easy category to present. Can range from pure problem-solving, like SpaceChem or Obulis, to platform-puzzlers like The Bridge, to Lemmings-like games, to (non-action) tower defence.





These are games that I have tried and they have either irrationally angered me, or bored me to death. Also games I have no intention of playing, and versions of games that were superseded (e.g. by HD versions) and yet linger in my library. Oh, and fatally bugged games.






Finally, the remainder of the games. The ones I still have to play, or at least give a good try. The objective of my Steam Challenge series is to cull this list as much as possible. Hopefully by finishing them, but sending them to other categories is also acceptable.



And there you have it. I have thought about creating more categories, e.g. adventure games, but it hasn’t appealed to me enough just yet. The main reason I’ve got the ones I have is that I want to separate out games that I am not necessarily aiming to focus on, but can play whenever. 


P.S. Hat tip to Valve for now having an Early Access sash for their titles as well as a DLC sash. It bothered me a lot to see a promising new title show up in the store only to find on navigation to the game page that it was in EA.

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4 thoughts on “Organising the Steam Library (Blaugust Day 15)

  1. Nicely organised! Jealous of your finished list 🙂

  2. Curious about why you won’t finish Dead Space. I’m playing through that right now (though on console).

    • I might have continued with it on console, I don’t know. The controls just felt really clunky and slow to me, and it made combat in particular very frustrating. I kept dying to the first multi-alien encounter, because I couldn’t get to a point where the controls felt manageable, let alone natural. I was not a big enough fan of the genre to struggle through it any further.

      I’m thinking something like Alien: Isolation will be more my cup of tea.

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