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Tuesday Maintenance (Blaugust Day 11)


Okay, I’ve come down from the initial high of Blaugust adrenaline and now these posts are beginning to be a bit of a slog. Not so much coming up with ideas and writing them, I still have a few posts in draft stages or in mind, but actually being motivated to sit down and do it is the slog. I am fairly sure it is just that pushback you get when trying to establish a habit, so I hope it’ll pass in the next week or so. We’ll see.

Today I’m just going to revisit my To-Do List and update it. Red for removal, Purple for success/new goals, Orange for a change.

  • Stay on top of Hearthstone and HotS dailies This is a given, pretty much, so not really worth tracking.
  • Investigate Magic: Origins and figure out a sensible goal for that  Have played it; will go on the dailies pile as HS and HotS are
  • Play at least one ranked game of Heroes of the Storm per day: reach 20 wins Reach rank 25 (currently rank 30)
  • TSW: Finish up the Beseiged Farmlands zone
  • LOTRO: Pick up where I left off with my old Dwarf Guardian, Naels – finish adventuring through the Bree-lands
  • Borderlands: Reach level 30 Finish it.
  • Finish SBCG4AP’s Dangeresque 3
  • Solve the More Than Machine mission in SpaceChem (Hephaestus IV Defence) So devastated – lost my save files. NOT going to start again now.
  • Get some people together to try out multiplayer FORCED
  • Go through another campaign in Atom Zombie Smasher to refresh my memory before writing a Steam Challenge post about it
  • Hearthstone: Reach rank 10 in a season.

I have not ventured into either MMO this month, so no progress there. Same for Dangeresque 3. I think I’ll only get around to Atom Zombie Smasher when I am wanting to get the Steam Challenge post done. I have been making steady progress in Borderlands, though, so that’s good. Tune in next week to see how my list hasn’t changed at all!

The Hives – Walk Idiot Walk


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Maintenance (Blaugust Day 11)

  1. I really do enjoy Atom Zombie Smasher, a simple yet complex game. I look forward to reading the Challenge about it.

    Gutted about your SpaceChem files that game is rather tough, I’ve recently started playing their latest title Infinifactory, which is a 3D puzzle game and quite tricky too.

  2. Ouch, sucks to lose your save file! I’m with you there, I generally never restart if that happens.

    Good luck with Rank 10 in HS! I’ve only managed 14 myself, and I just don’t think I’m smart or patient enough to climb any higher!

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