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New Compy586! (Blaugust Day 9)


Ugh. I got my new comupter on Friday night, but had to install windows and move the old hard drive over so I left it until yesterday. Unfortunately, my friend – who had donated some of the hardware such as the case and power supply, and had put everything together – had forgotten to give me the motherboard driver disc.

He was generous enough to come by tonight and bring the drivers, and stay to help set everything up and check that it was all working well. It seems to be all good! Now I have a rig that I am comfortable throwing more recent games at, and hopefully I’ll get better performance out of the MMOs I am playing too. The big test will be when I boot up TSW.

Soooo, that means I kind of missed a day (but not really since I’m counting this one as yesterday’s anyway). It also means that you get a crappy blog post to wish you hadn’t read for Day 9 of Blaugust.

You’re welcome.

Faith No More – Naked In Front Of The Computer


9 thoughts on “New Compy586! (Blaugust Day 9)

  1. Tough break. Good luck getting everything sorted out!

  2. Yay new compy!! And it’s not a crappy blog post and you can’t stop us reading them anyway so neeeerrrhhhhh.

  3. Ugh you’re an awful person for writing this waste of space blog post rawrr.

    ….am I doing it right? :3

  4. I built my new machine a couple of months ago. Let me tell you, it’s fantastic to be able to run virtually everything on MAX settings. Have fun with the new rig!

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