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My Role (Blaugust Day 8)

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Today, as I am running out of time, I am going to take Izlain’s prompt and give it a quick answer. He asked:

Do you find it difficult to play a role outside of your typical class choices? This can be in an MMO, MOBA, single player RPG or any other game that uses class as a distinction for gameplay.

I generally don’t find it difficult to play the different classes or roles, but there are some which I gravitate or default to as a matter of preference, and I find it more difficult to “get into” certain roles.

I generally head straight for spell-flinging classes on character creation, especially if it is my first character. I am more comfortable with ranged combat roles, and although I don’t mind being an archer or gunner or whatever, I find that the spellcasters usually have flashier or cooler effects on their abilities.

I do, however, get bored playing the same thing every time, so I have no problem branching out into other roles. I do find melee dps roles to be harder to adapt to than tanking or healing, mainly because I am not used to having to maintain contact with the target and I often find myself hitting buttons thinking “why is nothing going on cooldown?” It’s because you’re out of range, doofus. Usually because the boss has taken one step away and you didn’t realise.

I also find it much easier to tunnel as a melee rather than as ranged. It all tends to add up to making it much more work to play a melee dps than ranged, but I do like to try them all out at some point. I can’t imagine having one as my main in an MMO or MOBA, though.

Healing is a tricky one for me. I usually like trying it out, but I find healing to be very stressful in some games, so I doubt I could do it exclusively for a long time. In short bursts, yes. But not as a main role. Although, hmmm, maybe as an off-healer? I do like being a jack-of-all-trades, so part-heals, part-dps is a role that appeals to me.

And that’s me in a very convoluted nutshell.

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One thought on “My Role (Blaugust Day 8)

  1. I’ve always been more comfortable with the healing role. I guess that is why I have such a hard time getting into games like GW2 because there is no pure holy trinity. It’s my go to role, and I find it easiest, to just slack in the background, having a good distance to everything and not worry so much about important jobs/tasks other then just filling the HP bars.

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