Star-Fired Beef

Tuesday Maintenance


This week I had a bit of an identity crisis, mostly about what MMOs mean to me and if I will ever find another MMO home. I keep having second thoughts about FFXIV, for fear that I’ll end up alone again (due to timezone) and I’m not sure I want to pay a sub for that when I have TSW, LOTRO, and Wildstar already in that role.

I plonked down the money for a new computer too, so I’m just waiting for that to be delivered. It’ll be good to have a decent rig once more.

This thing

More Hearthstone and HotS this week. I really liked the Tavern Brawl, which gave you a random minion whenever you cast a spell, but it quickly became clear that Druid, Priest and Mage were the strongest decks by far, and it was incredibly difficult to win with Warrior or Rogue. Still, it was rather fun. Also did an arena run, and made it to 10 wins despite mayyyyybe going a little overboard with weapon choices (I had 6). Plus, I got a golden Mal’ganis legendary from the prize booster!

That thing

Heroes of the Storm was a mixed bag this week. I kept having connection problems after the first couple of games, which made it impossible to enjoy. I managed a couple more wins in ranked, so now I am Rank 48, though my win/loss record is still abysmal. I discovered that Nova is really fricken hard to play well, and I am fairly lost without an escape ability (which she lacks). So there’s 10k gold that wasn’t spent well…

Those other things

Have started Borderlands, as a soldier. I am still not sure whether I just like the art style, or love it. The early RPG questing experience is puncturing my enjoyment a little, I must say. Kill Ten Rats and Recover My Stolen Food are just as boring in an FPS RPG as any other.

Pretty slow week, really. Hopefully I’ll have more to report next time!

Warning – NSFW

The Streets – Don’t Mug Yourself


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Maintenance

  1. If you ever do decide to play FFXIV, you’re welcome to join in my FC. We have folks that are on at some strangely odd hours sometimes! Alternatively, you could talk to Bel about joining the Cactuar bloggers guild, which seems to have folks on at all different times as well.

    • Thank you! I am just wary, since of all the people I know online, only Jewel and Neri are in Oz as far as I know. I don’t want to get my hopes up and then find that I’m never around when the people I know I want to play with – the people I’d be buying the game to play with – are on.

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