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Tuesday Maintenance

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Thanks to running into my download cap and thus being without internet for a while, I missed last week’s TM. So this one covers the last two weeks. Not that it really changes anything, because this last week I haven’t actually got stuck into any singleplayer games. It’s been rather boring, actually.

This thing

Since the third anniversary celebrations are currently on, I’ve been mostly spending my non-Blizzard time in TSW. Have been adventuring throughout the Beseiged Farmlands, the first zone of Transylvania. It must be because I had so much trouble with them in the Savage Coast, but I cringesigh every time I run across those damned Sackcloth horrors, the scarecrow-type monsters. They don’t scare me anymore, I am capable of surviving two or maybe even three at once, but they are such a pain in the arse. I imagine it’s how many people feel about the Ak’ab. 

I’m loving the zone, and the story behind the troubles in Transylvania, but there seems to be something wrong with the voice volume. It’s way softer here than it was in Egypt, and even at max volume I have to strain to hear the dialogue. Also, forest magic! Yay! Restoring the land! I never get sick of those storylines.

That thing

During my internet outage I ended up tackling a challenge level in Spacechem, that I’d given up on for a couple of months. Finally managed to nail it, but it took hours of planning and experimentation. As soon as I was back online, I ran the solution and collected my achievement. 🙂

Before that, though, I couldn’t resist yet another story-based, arty-game experience, so I went through the much-lauded Gone Home. I’ll do a full write-up on it, but suffice to say that I was slightly disappointed (though I recognise that is likely to do with overhyped expectations). Also, I think I’ve found a model for my dream house.

Those other things

As usual, I played a fair amount of Hearthstone and HotS. Hearthstone feels like less of a chore now, since the Tavern Brawl feature came in, and I am happy enough just doing the dailies and playing around in TB. Getting a free pack each week for winning TB is key here, as it makes me feel I’m still progressing and not just wasting my time grinding.

In HotS I made it to rank 30, which means I can now do Ranked play! Of course, I am still not very good and have only won one game out of 5 or 6. I even popped my harrassment cherry by being abused after a match! I offered him a hug, and then told him he was cute and asked him out on a date. He shut up pretty quickly after that. 😛

Oh and I played through a campaign of Atom Zombie Smasher. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it is surprisingly awesome! The music, the humour, the gameplay, it all melds into a very enjoyable experience. I’ve put it down for now, but it has gone into the “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” category of my library, where titles such as Civilisation, Total War, Blood Bowl, and Terraria live. I’ll definitely be revisiting it!

In recognition of Love Winning in the US recently, here is a musical tribute:

Mika – Love Today


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