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Steam Challenge – Rochard

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This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

Time played: 7 hours

I quite liked Rochard. It is one of those games that should be held up as an example to any budding designers or studios as to what a solid game looks like. The production values are quite high, with a very smooth and responsive control scheme, good UI and guidance, decent writing and quite good voicework, and very good level design.

There is nothing I can complain about with Rochard. The length of the game was pretty much perfect, it ended just as I was threatening to get bored or feel like I was slugging through it. The difficulty was fairly constant throughout, no nasty spikes that created a barrier to progress. I liked the colourful setting, the different mechanics presented via manipulation of gravity, and although the story was predictable, it wasn’t obnoxiously so.

As much as I like it, however, I find that I can’t say Rochard is a great, stellar, must-have game. It does everything really well. I am glad I played it. I just won’t be looking back and wishing that I could revisit it, nor am I hanging out for a sequel. Strange? Yeah, but that’s how it is. Sorry, Rochard, I wish I could give you more.

The Superjesus – Gravity


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