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The Secret Lore – The Polaris

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The Polaris is the first group instance in The Secret World. It’s also the only dungeon I’ve managed to find a group for. I got a sweet pair of laser pistols which then immediately disappointed me by having the same gunshot sound as the revolvers I already had.

You access the Polaris via the Orochi roadblock on the bridge at the outskirts of Kingsmouth. The agents there recruit you to go and investigate the wreck, find out what happened, and retrieve some classified material. Naturally, that all goes out the window once you get there…

The Polaris

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT – initate hel-blár signal – RECEIVE – initiate the Vampyroteuthis Infernalis frequency – STOP ROT BEFORE IT STARTS – initiate the Nørre Nærå Runestone lexicon – WITNESS – Draug Island.

Listen, sweetling. The seagulls scream.

“Draug! Draug! Draug!” The seagulls are agitated. They are accustomed to eating the bloat-rot flesh of the drowned dead. They are not accustomed to such food walking.

There squats a tiny island, accessible by rowboat, not so very far from Kingsmouth. Red seaweed chokes the rocky shores. Pods pulsate, full to bursting with vile nativity. The fog covers all in a claustrophobic embrace, swallowing sound to near silences occasionally broken by hungry moans.

The seagulls scream.

When the fog came, a gargantuan container ship lost its way and ran aground, spilling its cargo over the beach. Men became monsters, either lurching as the walking dead, or breaking out in barnacle sores as the draug – the again walkers – also called draugur and draugar and aptrgangr.

The corpse of the ship still rests here. See what lies in its hull.

The seagulls have gone quiet. A crawling shape intrudes. It blots out all reason in inky black madness.

The Ur-Draug.

Not even seagulls dare to scream its name.


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