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NBI Talkback Challenge #1


I’m not very good about community participation, in any field, so I wasn’t planning on contributing much to this year’s Newbie Blogger Initiative. But the first talkback topic, posed by Izlain, has prompted me to think about it enough to want to at least put something down in print. He asked, “How did GamerGate affect you?”

I have written about my views on the terror itself, so I’ll not repeat myself here. Looking back on how the whole thing has affected me, though, I realise that it is mostly indirectly. It’s still personal, but not as personal as it is for many others.

Directly, I have been lucky enough to not be personally affected by this abomination. None of the hate has been aimed my way, despite me participating in some pretty heated discussions on various blogs. But I have realised, after reading a few of the other posts in this Talkback Challenge, that I have been affected, and that I continue to be affected, on a personal level.

I am affected because many of the people in my online community that I admire, and look up to, and even consider friends and all-round great people, are women. And these people, these friends, more often than not are directly affected. People like Liore, and Jasyla, and Aywren, and Eri, they have all been made to feel threatened, afraid, or insecure in their participation in the gaming community. And then there are people like Talarian, who have to deal with the fallout as both an indie developer and a member of the LBGTQ community, and it gets even worse. I hate the fact that these people that I love interacting with (even if I don’t do so enough) are more wary, if not outright scared, nowadays than they were before GamerGate reared its ugly heads.

I am sad, and not a little frightened, for my blogging, and gamer, and IRL friends. That is how GamerGate has affected me.

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