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Steam Challenge – Edna and Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes


This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

Time played: 4 hours

I generally at least go to the store page of games that I am not familiar with before I start them, to watch the trailer. With this game, the trailer intrigued me, promising a darkly funny point-and-click adventure.

I was disappointed. The animations are pretty subpar in my opinion, although they aren’t really a dealbreaker themselves. But added to the list of other crimes this game displayed, it certainly didn’t help. In fact, that really sums up my experience with Harvey’s New Eyes – each aspect that I disliked was…not minor, but bearable. But the sum of those not-quite-minor problems was what drove me away in the end.

I finished the first chapter of the game, which in my mind means that I gave it a fair shake. And the main thrust of my problems are to do with the atmosphere, the aesthetics. The biggest culprit is the narration. I don’t know whether it is the American accent, or just the general condescension of his tone that got to me the most, but I was ready to choke him after all of 10 minutes.

The other voicework was terrible, too. Not in the sense of poorly done, wooden acting, but each character has a very specific, stereotypical manner, which is deliberately written, and is horribly exaggerated. Edna is the only character who speaks normally, it seems. Combined with the narrator, it all grates on me terribly.

The good part is that the puzzles are pretty interesting, if not always making sense. For instance, at one point you blow up the basement stove, and then later you light a small fire in there and suddenly the cook can use it again? Weird. I really liked the music, too, very simple but unintrusive.

I ended up really disliking Harvey’s New Eyes, but I will admit that much of it is personal taste rather than poor design. Fans of point-and-click adventures will like it if they aren’t put off by the same things as me.

Sonic Animation – Theophilus Thistler


2 thoughts on “Steam Challenge – Edna and Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes

  1. Thanks for the review on this one. I’ve seen it hanging around in bundles and on the Steam Gifts page, but didn’t know what it was like. Guess I’ll pass on this one from the sound of it.

    • Yeah there are plenty of point-and-clicks that are better than this one, even if you aren’t as annoyed by the voicework/animation as I am. You might like it, but from what I know of you I would guess that you would not find the humour all that appealing either.

      I have to say that as this is my first one, I am now a little afraid that all the other Daedalic games I have will be similarly irritating to me.

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