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Steam Challenge – BIT.TRIP BEAT


This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

My one-line summary of this game would be:

Play Pong at a rave. Acid trip sold separately.

Seriously, it is a polarising game. You will either love it or hate it. I have neither the skill nor the patience to love it.

I think the feature that tipped me into the hate camp is the fact that at some times, there are background objects or animations that – due to their colour – hide the beats you are trying to memorise. Combine that with the strobe-like flashing and you lose track of the beats very easily. Speaking of which, definitely avoid this if you are affected by epilepsy or similar afflictions. This game can easily induce seizures in certain people.

The music seems pretty good if you are into chiptunes, though. I would rather just listen to the soundtrack than play the game.


5 thoughts on “Steam Challenge – BIT.TRIP BEAT

  1. Hackers Soundtrack! Great tune =) Sorry, found it on Spotify recently and reliving some old, fun, EDM days =) When I saw you link that song it brought back memories!

    I play a lot of my games with sound off – out of necessity more than desire and I always find it a treat when I actually get to hear games with sound. Games based off of sound don’t really work for me for that reason.

    • I’ve never really done more than dip my toes into the EDM scene, although I am frequently impressed when I do.

      Yeah part of the appeal of the BIT.TRIP games is the way the gameplay syncs up with the music, if you aren’t playing with sound on then you’re missing a vital part of the experience, even when the overall experience isn’t to your liking (as it is for me here).

  2. I wish I did acid so games like this would be even better.

  3. I never cared much for the game, but my kids love it. I put it on the tablet and ….its decent. I never understood it’s popularity but I think it broke on the scene at a time when people were still wow’ed by mobile technology. It’s a pretty cool app to show off the haptic interactions.

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