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What if: Prophecies


I’m currently watching the X-Files (for the first time, yes I know you can pick up your jaw now) and just saw an episode which dealt with prognostication. Lots of stuff involving fortune tellers and psychics, but something clicked in my brain when a throwaway reference to prophecy was made.

I started to wonder: how cool would it be if there were real prophecies in an MMO? If you could find some ancient tablet written in a lost language that, when deciphered, told of some future event that was planned to be implemented by developers? If fortune tellers had vague impressions of some foe that the player will encounter, that will be introduced in the next expansion (or the next one after that)? Cryptic references to deaths, births, creation or destruction, of major NPCs and/or things and/or places?

There would, of course, be false prophecies. Rumours that got out of control. Misinterpreted signs. Deliberately false ones created to protect the secret, true ones. NPCs that are simply high on something and are just spouting nonsense.

Maybe these prophecies could just be teasers included for fun, or maybe they could replace patch notes and PTRs with regard to lore. Datamining is a big problem, of course.

It’s probably a pipe dream itself, but I thought it was fun to think about the “what if?”.


4 thoughts on “What if: Prophecies

  1. It’s been a long time since I watched the X Files. Used to be a weekly thing for my family, so I hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

    That’s a neat idea for discovering prophecies… wish there was some sort of way of playing that out in an MMO. Sounds really complex, though.

  2. That’s a brilliant idea! More devs should include these kinds of things. It makes me wonder if games like EQ and EQ2 ever did things like this…

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