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Steam Challenge – Osmos

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This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

Time played: 2.5 hours

Osmos is deceptive. The trailer, the music, the aesthetic of the game, it all speaks of a soothing, relaxed experience. To be fair, the beginning levels are very much that kind of experience. I, however, quickly lost my cool the deeper into the game I ventured.

As a mobile port, the touch-sensitive control scheme translates well to mouse. I liked the puzzle aspect of some game modes, but the more twitchy the levels became, the more frustrating it was for me. The point where I gave up was when most of the levels I had remaining, were the orbital ones, where you are not only dealing with the problem of how to grow without spending too much mass, but doing so by navigating various orbital paths around a central “sun”. The movement controls just felt too finicky and imprecise to make those levels fun.

Loved the early levels, but the game turned into a chore in the later stages.


One thought on “Steam Challenge – Osmos

  1. I like to play it when i go to the bathroom. For some reason, that’s a great game to play while sitting on the throne.

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