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Steam Challenge – Jack Lumber

This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

Time played: 73 minutes

Another mobile game port, it turns out, Jack Lumber is very much the kind of game that I can see myself playing if I ever get a mobile device capable of games, but on PC it’s too shallow and same-y for my liking.

It uses the mouse click-and-drag control rather than touchscreen, which feels okay in short bursts but sometimes gets a little clunky. The main problem is not being able to reliably set your starting point with the mouse. You only have a second or so to decide where to start your chopping path, and if the cursor is on the wrong side of the screen then you are in danger of accidentally failing a chop because of bad placement. At least with a touchscreen you can just jab your finger/stylus down onto the screen wherever seems best with way less danger of screwing up.

I like the aesthetic of the game, but it can be exceedingly frustrating when the actual gameplay is so shallow and repetitive. One for the mobile, definitely.