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Steam Challenge – iBomber Defence

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This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

Time played: 8.5 hours

In retrospect, looking at the title should have tipped me off that this was an iOS port. It became pretty damn clear once I started playing, though! Very simple graphics, grand total of 2 ground and one air tower, and pretty much useless support towers. Oh, and the “drag and drop” placement of towers really made it hit home that this game was originally developed for touchscreens. Now that I think of it, I did buy a Humble Bundle that was a bunch of mobile games…hmmm.

It’s not a bad game, as tower defence goes it is fairly solid. But I got just under halfway through the campaign before I got bored with it. There is no variety besides maps, and those are fairly easy to solve once you realise that upgraded towers > more towers. After a certain level, which is much sooner than you would hope, quite frankly, it becomes clear that the appropriate answer to all problems is more cannons. Yawn.

I ended up quitting maybe 3 or 4 maps past the point where I felt I’d seen all the game had to offer. I had all the relevant upgrades, I had seen all the unit types, and I had dealt with every combination of fast and slow, light and heavy enemies. This might be a decent game on mobile devices, but PC has better tower defence experiences. Defence Grid, this isn’t.


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