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Outside Looking In


This is the first time since I started playing WoW, in Burning Crusade days, that I have not been there at the launch of an expansion. It feels weird and somewhat isolating to watch practically everyone I know either gushing about their Warlords experience in blogs, or seeing them in game (via Each one of them tugs at my resolve to stay away from WoW, but the people that I know well, have played with and are closest to, are spread out between various servers and guilds now. I don’t feel like I’d belong anywhere in particular.

Yet WoW is the only MMO that I have any connections in. I know of people who play the other MMOs I have played, but they are either on EU servers, or in timezones that are incompatible with mine for group play. Or they just aren’t around much, being casual players. My best friend in Melbourne is the only Australian I know who even has TSW, for example, and he has gone back to WoW with his partner with the Warlords release. I don’t mind playing TSW as a single-player game, but it would be nice to get to do the group content – I missed the SuperJack boss as well as the Cat God instance during Samhain because my server was dead and there was nobody to team up with.

I went through these self-pitying moments a little during the TESO and Wildstar releases earlier this year, seeing everyone so hyped about those games, but it was reasonably easy to deal with. But I have that history with WoW and many people in it, which makes this bout of melancholy and jealousy much stronger. I know it’s my own fault, because I am incapable of forging out on my own, but it still sucks to feel like you’re standing on the wrong side of the window.


8 thoughts on “Outside Looking In

  1. Since I pretty much play WoW as a single player game I know how you feel. There are times I wish people I knew were on the same time as me but knowing people on my server pretty much ended with LFD. The ones I knew from trying to put together groups way back when are long gone. If you ever change your mind you are welcome to come to my little backwater server!

  2. I feel his way every time I start a new MMO. I don’t do terribly well “in the wild” socially in MMOs, generally turning in to a version of the Warner Bros. Tasmanian Devil, except I spit out bad jokes along with the random rawring and raspberries.

    Best I can offer is to find some fresh people to game with in the games you are playing. It sucks to be removed from those other gaming friends, but not impossible to perhaps find some new ones. :3

  3. The sad fate of playing in less populous timezones. By the time the Oceanics and Asians spread out across all the games, there ain’t hardly anyone left in one game! Especially if you’ve decided to play an older game different from the three-month locust group.

    More so these days, I start wishing that more games will take a page from what GW2 has vaguely begun, intentionally designing the game to encourage community formation (without the binary find-group-to-do-content-or-else) and more open nonrestrictive groups that might lead to friendships over time.

    • This is doubly true when looking in MMOs outside of WoW. At least WoW has a pretty good Oceanic population – several servers’ worth – so finding enough people is less of a problem, it’s just finding enough good people that is the problem. Perhaps I would be less mopey if I hadn’t had that experience of a great guild of friends in the past. My standards are too high, I sometimes fear.

  4. I wondered if seeing everyone talk about WoW last week would make me miss the game at all, but it really hasn’t. Actually, it’s only made me wish that I had kept all the WoW players muted for a good few weeks after BlizzCon/launch. It’s rather amazing how I went from talking about and playing the game every single day to not being remotely interested in anything about it.

    • I don’t really miss the game as such, it’s just I miss the shared excitement of a new shiny with people you love playing with. So many of my friends are either devoted to WoW as the One True MMO, or like you, have sworn off MMOs until something incredible can draw them back to the genre. I’m guessing you have the same situation with your WoW friends too.

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