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Welcome to the madhouse


Well, after tooling around with the options for a couple of hours, I guess I’d better put some actual content out on this blog. Except…well, this isn’t it. It felt weird just diving straight into the pretty heavy initial post I have planned, so instead I’d like to welcome you to the blog and outline what I have planned for this year.

I’m going to be posting a variety of things here, mostly related in some way to the gaming industry and general nerdery. I tend to Have Opinions about most things though, so expect to see responses to topics I read on other blogs that may not be gaming-related. I am writing WoW fanfic in collaboration with Akabeko at red cow rise, and at this stage I have no intention of splitting up the story between sites. I may do some other fic here, who knows?

Most of you reading this post will probably have at least heard of me via the aforementioned fanfic over on Aka’s blog, but for the rest of you, I am known as Dahakha, the name of my main WoW character. I am inordinately proud of having earned the Insane in the Membrane achievement before Cataclysm hit, and it has been the only title I have displayed since then (hence the insanity theme in the title). Even though I am writing WoW fanfic, I am no longer playing due to my guild disbanding. I don’t believe WoW is a good enough game to pay a monthly fee for, when I am forced to play it solo – I am not prepared to put in the trial and error emotional effort to find a guild as great as the one I had, and other games are just better experiences for me. For WoW, the people you play with really make or break the game, and unfortunately in my case it is broken. Anyway, that won’t stop me from Having Opinions on WoW-related topics!

I hope everyone has a fantastic year, and I am looking forward to reading your blogs as much as sharing my thoughts here!



6 thoughts on “Welcome to the madhouse

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging and you chose a great platform to use.

  2. Hey there little blogger!! Hope you have fun writing random ramblings

  3. Welcome (I know, a little late but just had a recommendation today, so here I am.) I know the pain of the WoW guild go poof. The game just wasn’t the same after that and I haven’t been able to go back, even when some of my old guild decided to try it again. I didn’t want to get re-invested only to have them move on again. We tried to stick together in other games, but it didn’t work out. Happily I have found another great group of people to MMO with. It took a bit of that painful trial and error, but in the end was worth it.
    I am one of those inconsistent bloggers, but hopefully this year I’ll have more Opinions and feel moved to share them more. Happily though, I tend to be too busy goofing around online to take time away to write about it. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yeah I know that all I have to do is let go and approach it with a fresh perspective, but nostalgia is a powerful thing. I will do my best to find another group this year.

      I hear you on the writing. Sometimes I feel like I am reading too many blogs without taking the time to add my thoughts to the topics of the day, other times I feel like I am wasting my time thinking about what to write when I could be playing! Well, this is my first ever blog so I’m sure it’ll take a while to get into a regular habit.

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